Star Au Pairs

Au Options

Au pairing is a cultural exchange for young European people aged between 18 to 27 years. The experience of au pairing will allow you to improve your English whilst learning country culture. This will provide you with skills such as improving your English and the ability to multi task and become more confident and independent in different environments. This will help you in your further education or employment.

An Au Pair will be welcomed as part of the family, and in turn you would help the family with duties related to the children. You should integrate with the family and make sure you understand what the family needs from you. This should be done with the family as soon as you arrive. You should also use you initiative to help out to make the family more relaxed and create a happy environment. Star au pairs will always be there if you need any assistance.

Options for au pairing are:

The time frame for au pairs are generally:
  • 1-3 months summer placement
  • Short term – up to 4 months
  • Long term – up to 1 year

Au pairs may have to pay Income Tax and National Insurance, depending on how much pocket money they get. This is unlikely for au pairs and au pairs plus, however may apply to Mothers help depending on number of hours.

For more information on Tax/ NI please visit: