Star Au Pairs

Options and Fees

Au pairing not only is a cultural exchange for young European people aged between 18 and 27 years, but it also brings a cultural experience for your family. Exposing different cultures to children has many benefits and the experience provides a broader outlook for your family as they grow up.

An au pair should feel welcomed as part of the family, although of course they will play a specific role within your family, whether that be to make your life easier or to reduce the stress that a day to day work/family life brings. She/He is an extra pair of hands for a busy household and should not be treated as an employee but as part of your household. This will in turn will help the au pair ease in quicker and feel happier that they have made the right choice and less anxious about leaving family and friends.

Options are:

The time frame for au pairs is generally :
  • 1 to 3 months summer placement
  • Short term – up to 4 months
  • Long term – up to 1 year


Au pairs may have to pay Income Tax and National Insurance, depending on how much pocket money they get. This is unlikely for au pairs and au pairs plus, however may apply to Mothers help depending on number of hours.

For more information on Tax/ NI please visit: