Star Au Pairs

Interview questions

Interview question for the family

  • Why do you wish to au pair?
  • Is your first time working as an au pair?
  • Do you enjoy being with children?
  • Do you have any experience either working with children or having young children in your family?
  • Do you have references from your time working with children?
  • Are you able to help the children with the homework either reading/maths/musical instrument?
  • Have you lived away for your home before?
  • Do you find it easy to adapt to different places when you have lived away i.e college or other jobs abroad or in your country? What was the most difficult for you?
  • How do you think you will cope to be away from him for a long time?
  • Are you currently in a relationship: if yes, have you thought about how this wold work?
  • Do you wish to attend English classes here?
  • What would you do with your free time when you are not helping us?
  • Do you cook? What kind of dishes do you know to cook? What types of food do you like to eat/cook? In case you don’t like the menu, are you able / do you agree to cook for yourself?
  • Do you usually help your parents in the household duties?
  • Are you well-organised?
  • How you will persuade the children, for example if they do not want to eat or do their homework?
  • Do you have driver’s license and are you able to drive in the United Kingdom?
  • How long would you like to au pair for?
  • If we wish for you to stay longer is that possible? (please sure that they don’t feel obliged to say yes just to get an au pair job with you)
  • Do you smoke?
  • If a family member smokes, would that be a problem?