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Mothers help

Mothers help are generally more experienced than a traditional au pair, and have a wider range of childcare experience. They would be able to assist the parent for up to 40 hours per week. Usually a parent is at home with the children and requires another pair of hands to help with the care of children and housework. It may take a little longer to find mothers help as the criteria for mothers help is more extensive and there are normally fewer applicants than for an au pair or au pair plus.

Mothers helps can expect to be paid £120 - £200 per week, depending on the hours and conditions.

Duties expected of a mothers helps are more than an au pair as the working hours would be longer. This means assisting the mother/father with the daily routine from the time the children wake up until they are in bed.

Overview of mothers help duties/expectations:
  • Preparing breakfast
  • Taking children to and collecting them from school/nursery
  • Preparing or helping to prepare dinner
  • Clearing up after mealtimes
  • Some homework support where possible
  • Assisting with the bedtime routine
  • Maintain the children’s bedrooms
  • Light household duties ie tidy children’s rooms, iron and wash children clothes
  • Helping with weekly shopping
  • Playing with and entertaining children creatively, taking them to nursery or school, babysitting once or twice a week.
  • Driving is also likely.

Some families may require a mother's help to have sole charge of the children and do housework unsupervised. Sole charge of children for long periods is not advised. Mothers helps are not expected to take sole charge of a newborn or very young baby.

Time off for a mothers help is at least one and half to two days per week and evenings. You could pay extra if you wish for extra babysitting.

If you would like to discuss mothers help option please contact us.