Star Au Pairs

Process For Au Pair

Process for Au Pairs – Its quick and Easy

Step 1

Click on Star to register

Step 2

Select Au Pair Registration
Registration Types

Step 3 - Fill in the quick form

You will receive an email with your login details and also a verification email which you need to click on to verify your email. Go to star au pairs website select login and enter your username and password you were emailed. We may contact you as soon at you have filled this form.
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Step 4

Complete the form which is quick and easy to fill.
This will then start your search for a family.
We will contact you once we have found a match for you.
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Step 5 - Match

Finding the right family from a database of families can be very time consuming. We take that stress away and take great care in matching the right au pair to the right family. We will provide you with a selection of families who have seen you profile and have requested to have an interview with you.

Step 6 - Contact us

We will provide you with the family profile. Once you have chosen the families you feel you would like to au pair for, please let us know.
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Step 7 - Arrangement of interview

Once you tell us of your chosen families Star Au pairs will arrange an online interview that suits both you and the family.
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Step 8 - Interview

This is a very important part of the selection process, it is your opportunity to ask and exchange as much information as possible. It is important that you ask questions and be assertive and positive. Introduce yourself to the family and tell them about what you like doing and as much information as possible to ensure a successful placement.

Step 9 - Confirm Selection

Once you are happy with your choice contact us to confirm `you choice. If the family also wants to processed we will let you know and the family will write a letter of invitation for the you.