Star Au Pairs

Summer Au pairs

A summer au pair is a young adult over 18 who lives with a family for the summer months and will support the family looking after the children during school holidays. More hours are required for the summer cover, however the au pair should not be looking after the children all day every day. In some cases, the children attend holiday clubs part of the day and the au pair will assist with the remainder of the day until parents return from work, or allows parents who stay at home manage time/activities with the children. Duties for a summer au pair are the same an au pair.

In return the summer au pair should be provided with a room and board with internet access, weekly pocket money usually around £85 -£100 per week depending on requirements. The summer au pair would provide assistance of 30 -35 hrs per week. The duties will be the same as an au pair ( please look at au pair for list of general duties).