Star Au Pairs

Tips for success for the Au Pair

Star Au Pairs will provide you with any support you may require before coming to the family. Here are a few tips provided by experienced au pairs that will help you integrate with the family.

Expectation setting:

This is one of our key top tips. During your interviews and any communication, you have with the family, always be honest and set expectations.
  • Ask what your family life is like, (organised, very busy)
  • Ask what the area they live is in like – is it busy or quiet
  • What your main duties will be

You want to arrive knowing a much as possible about the family life and the area you will be spending a lot of time in. If you need assistance with this, please feel free to contact us.

Preparation from arrival of au pair

Hopefully will would have had many conversation with the family before your arrival. The family would have prepared the children for your arrival. Maybe you could send a card or letter to the children before your arrival as a nice token to say you are looking forward to spending time with them. This way you would have built a relationship with the children before you arrive and they will be excited to see you.

Find out what the children’s interests are and maybe do some research into them e.g. if they support a particular football team, like baking cakes or have pets.

Weekly planner

Star Au Pairs will provide the family with a weekly planner that you can work with. This helps everyone know what the duties are and to allow the household to run efficiently, especially if it varies weekly. Make sure you know your duties either before you arrive or on your first day so you can get started straight away. Always use your initiative and help as much as you can e.g. if the children’s clothes need ironing or washing do them. Always ask the family if you do not know where things are kept, or you have any questions. Communication is very important.

List of contacts

The family should provide you with a list of useful contact details: If they have not done so please ask for a list, as it will be very useful for you.

Parents contact number

School phone number

Doctors number (if they want to register with a doctor)

Local college

Next of kin or local friends number if they are away on business

Household rules

This is also one of our key top tips. The family should be make you aware of the household rules. It is a good idea to write them down. Household rules might include no walking with shoes in the house.

Once the children are asleep and your duties are finished the family and you may want alone time without being in the same room. Do not feel worried about going to your own room once your duties are finished. Remember the family will also want their own time too. Please make sure you discuss this with the family.

You must always ask the family if it is OK for you to bring a friend over. In many cases the families may prefer you to meet your friends outside the family home. This must be discussed with the host family.

Likes and dislikes

The host family may provide you with a list of likes and dislikes for the children. If they do not do so please ask the family to talk to you about what the children like and dislike. This will make it much easier for you. You may also want to discuss what things you like and dislike.

Star Au Pairs have a 3 phase approach: This information will be provided to you once you have selected an au pair with us. At Star Au Pairs we do our best to support you and make sure we work toward a successful match for you.