Star Au Pairs

Tips for success for the family

Star Au Pairs will provide you with a pack to help integration of the au pair into your family once your au pair arrives. Here are a few tips provided by experienced people that have had au pairs for many years and have successfully integrated them.

Expectation setting:

This is one of our key top tips. During your interviews and any communication, you have with the au pair, always be honest and set expectations.
  • What your family life is like, (organised, very busy)
  • What the area you live is in like (busy or quiet),
  • their main duties will be

You want your au pair to arrive knowing a much as possible about your family life and the area they will be spending a lot of time in. If you need assistance with this, please feel free to contact us.

Preparation of arrival of au pair

Furnish the room for your au pair. In order to make sure your au pair feels content from the beginning, furnish the room as comfortably as possible. You might like to decorate it with a welcome card or a welcome drawing made by your children. 

Prepare your children for the au pair adventure. Explain to them that a young adult will come and will look after them and play with them. Involve the children in the Skype calls in advance, so that they get to know the au pair before they come. Maybe ask your children to write a letter to the au pair before they arrive.

Weekly planner

Star Au Pairs will provide you with a weekly planner that you can work with. This helps everyone know what the duties are and to allow the household to run much more efficiently, especially if it varies weekly.

List of contacts

Provide the au pair with a list of useful contact details:

Your contact number

School phone number
Doctors number (if they want to register with a doctor)

Local college

Next of kin or local friends number if you are away on business and the au pair can’t get hold of you.

Household rules

This is also one of our key top tips. The au pair should be made aware of the household rules. It is a good idea to write them down. Household rules might include no walking with shoes in the house,

Once the children are asleep and the au pair’s duties are finished you may want time alone without the au pair sitting in the same room as you. In most cases they prefer to go to their room, however you should make this clear to the au pair.

You should clarify whether you would allow the au pair to invite any friends in your home. We recommend that if you do decide to allow friends in your home that you restrict it to one friend.

Likes and dislikes

Pull together a list of likes and dislikes for each of your children. This includes food choices, games, books, TV programmes. This will give the au pair a head start without having to ask the children when you are not there.